Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do Our Kids Need To See This Art ?

I know right now in our current economic meltdown that this may seem trivial to some. However, I think this issue should be brought to the attention of the officials in the City of Rocky Mount. I recently attended a free concert at Down Town Live here in Rocky Mount. The Holiday Band played and put on a great show. Everybody had a great time and I think it is a good thing that the City is doing with the outdoor concerts.

My issue doesn't have anything to do with the concerts. My issue is with the so called "art" that the City has chosen to display in and around the Imperial Centre. Granted, the Centre is all about The Arts and I have no issue with art. I do have an issue with nude art that children will see .The Centre has a childrens museum that has great educational things for the kids to see and do. No problems here, however just outside the door leading to the museum, there is a "nice little piece of art" on display. As you can plainly see in the pics, kids really do not need to see this. I am sure someone will say, "well they see more than that on television", or "it is art, there isn't anything wrong with it". I say to you, there is something wrong with it. It needs to be relocated to an indoor room where only adults will see it, or it needs to be removed completely. Please help me let the Mayor of Rocky Mount know that this is unacceptable! You can email Mayor David Combs here. You can find the rest of the City Council here. Thanks for your help!